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Kayak guide jobs.

I have positions open for experienced naturalist sea kayak guides in the Port Townsend & Marrowston Island area.  The work is seasonal primarily July - mid October.  For highly experienced guides the season can start as early as April.

The pay is competitive from $18-25 dollars an hour, depending on experience.  We operate in a strong current area, and so the timing of the tours varies day to day to take advantage of the currents.  The work is primarily part-time, but can be full time in July and August.  For experienced guides, there are no minimum hours necessary to work per week.  If you are only available for one tour per week, I am interested to talk.

For novice guides you will need to become either ACA or BCU certified at your own expense.  I can help direct you to qualified programs.
For more information send an email to  To apply please include a resume & 3 professional references.

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