Do you all offer unguided kayak rentals?

In general, no we do not.  The waters around our location in Fort Flagler have hazards that are not immediately obvious to people with only basic recreational experience.  Also we don't carry "recreational kayaks", we have expedition sea kayaks so for people who are used to standard rental kayak outfits these are very different.

Who do you offer unguided rentals too?

We can offer rentals  to parties where at least one member of the party has some serious sea kayak education and experience.  Certifications that we recognize are ACA/BCU 3 star and above, or the year long Mountaineers Sea Kayaker course, or parties that include someone who has worked as a sea kayak guide or instructor, or individuals with equivalent knowledge.

We want to make sure someone knows how to do things like understand currents, tidal and weather rips and how to manage them, shipping and navigation laws, carries a VHF radio, and knows how to do things like perform a rescue for a capsize for
individual in their group who did not "wet exit" on their own, etc.  If you think your party meets this criteria you can use the contact form below to see about doing a rental.

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