We are excited to introduce unguided kayak rentals at Fort Flagler State Park.

For those with a kayaking background we are offering rentals of stable sit-on-top bay kayaks, for solos we have Perception Pescadors 12.0, and for two person kayaks we have Perception Tribe 13.5, with Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) coming soon.

Rates are $20 per hour for a solo kayak (and SUP coming soon), and $30 per hour for a two person kayak. 

"Time and tide wait for no man."  As much as we'd love to have regular hours, the currents coming through our area mean our hours need to shift day to day so that we can send customers out during appropriate tidal current windows.  You can see our hours through the summer on the calendar below.  These hours are also subject to change based on the weather.