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Used tandem kayaks for sale: Boreal Designs Esperanto Two-Person Kayaks

The Boreal Designs Esperanto is the fastest and most seaworthy plastic tandem kayak in the world.  The Boreal Designs Esperantos are the longest plastic tandem kayaks ever made.  Their length affords them speed, tracking ability, stability, and ability to withstand high seas.  Their hull has a rounded keel with very soft chines providing resiliency in destablizing waves.  Their hull is highly rockered helping with making quick and tight turns.  They come with a flip up rudder that gives the ability to turn easily and deftly.  The rudder is controlled by sliding foot pegs in the back aka stern cockpit, this rudder means the person in rear has control over the kayaks steering so it is not necessary to "steer by committee" as with a two-person kayak lacking a rudder system.  Lastly the High Density Poly Ethylene plastic that these kayaks are made from is extremely durable and you can land on rocky beaches with confidence, these kayaks could even survive falling off your roof rack while driving!

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 4.07.38 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 4.20.56 AM.png

The Boreal Esperantos are now selling for $2500 new.  You can purchase one of ours used for $1499.  These kayaks are a bargain compared to comparable fiberglass kayaks!  These kayaks should last a lifetime in private hands.

The Esperantos work well for both day and camping trips.  The Esperanto is outfitted with two watertight bulkheaded compartments in bow and stern, as well as a 3rd bulkhead separating the two cockpits for added security.  The cockpits feature molded thigh braces for extra control.  You'll find the Esperantos work wonderfully on class 2 rivers, lakes, coastal inlets, and oceanic waters.

These Esperantos have had about 30 months of use over the past several seasons, however they will still give you many more years of kayaking adventures!


For an extra $199 we can outfit you with a used pair of Cannon Nokomis Fiberglass Paddles, MTI APF lifejackets (MTI has now been acquired by Mustang Survival), and NRS Nylon Sprayskirts.  A value less than half of what these items cost new.

You can reach us with an inquiry at OlympicKayakTours (at) gmail (dot) com, or by calling or texting us at 360-453-7135.
We are located on the Olympic Peninsula close to Port Townsend, WA>


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