Advanced Sea Kayak Rentals

This page is still under development.

Though it is not currently a focus for our business, we can outfit experienced kayakers with solo and tandem sea kayaks.  The tandems are Boreal Esperantos, and we have a few solos including Boreal Epsilons, Wilderness Systems Tempests and Tsunami, and a Necky Chatham.  Rentals are subject to our availability with the tour schedule.

If you’d like to be approved for an advanced kayak rental, please provide us with the following information for the rental trip leader: your experience level, past sea kayaking experiences, rescue training experience, self-rescue techniques you are adept at, your proposed trip plan route and itinerary with dates. Other members of your group do not have to be as qualified, but must pledge to follow the instructions of their experienced leader and stay close at all times. You can email us at

These advanced rentals are not subject to the same area restrictions that our general public sit on top kayak rentals are subject to.

Advanced Sea Kayak Rentals
Solo kayak: 1-day/ $149, 2-day/ $249, 3-day $349, etc
Tandem kayak: 1-day/ $199, 2-day $299, 3-day $399, etc

Advanced Sea Kayak Rentals include Cannon paddles, fitted skirts, quality PFD’s, rescue float, rescue streamer, pump, and bilge sponge.

Optional Fees are applied for renting equipment not included in the package such as VHF radios, tents, etc.