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Fort Flagler

Fort Flagler is located 30 minutes drive from Port Townsend and an equal drive time as Port Townsend from Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Port Angeles.   Fort Flagler boasts beautiful scenery & views, as well as historic buildings. The waters around Fort Flagler team with wildlife including an important migratory bird stopover areas, islands where seals and many bird species raise their young, otters, and places where we may see porpoises or larger members of the whale family.

We've also developed our own unique method for predicting when the bioluminscent plankton will be strong so that when when we go out the motions of our kayaks and paddles, as well as the motions of animals in the water will glow green. Our method has proven over 98% effective since 2017, and 100% effective since 2020.

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